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As the companies across the industry segments are thriving to create a sustainable competitive advantage inclusion and institutionalization of the technology becoming inevitable. These eventualities are resulting in newer business models and unchartered technology use for collaborative ecosystem within the organization to drive Inclusiveness, Agility, & Organizational Efficiencies.

While it has an impact on the various functions in the organization, the larger impact is felt in the area of Human Resources and People Practices within the company due to volatility and complex nature and needs of the future workforce.

Another bigger challenge that’s rapidly emerging in these scenario is the deficiency of the expertise and exposure in the junior level management of HR fraternity as well as with most of the HR tech Solution provides, which impacts and raises questions on the the overall HR Tech implementation and institutionalization.

ESSKAE, Operating from the cross section of the HR industry brings in the solutions to the challenges as mentioned above by providing the Human Resource Management System Platform – I HR HR MY , which is an awesome convergence of our HR practice know how & Experience of more than one and half decade across diversified industry segments and its conversion in the Technology parlance.

I HR MY HR empowers HR fraternity with its features spanning across the employee life cycle management and beyond. The Beauty of the I HR MY HR lies in the comprehension of the features that covers not only the transactional aspects but also caters to the strategic as well as tactical needs of the organization across HR Planning, HR Process Execution, HR Analytics and overall People Practices Excellence Framework.

1. Modular Span of I HR MY HR

I HR MY HR is a conglomeration of subject matter expertise, best practices, next practices and Human Capital intelligence analytics excellence, encompassing the organizational needs for executing a seamless HR service delivery excellence.

I HR MY HR also encompasses organizational drive for establishing the excellence synergies by effectively institutionalizing – Strategy Excellence, Tactical Excellence & Transactional Excellence by means of the comprehensive coverage of the modules and processes

A Module for Every Need

  • Planning and Strategy
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Workforce Management
  • Talent Engagement
  • Talent Separation
  • Human Capital Intelligence Analytics
  • Operations and Transaction
  • Employee Services
  • Learning and growth
  • Competencies management
  • Administrative processes
  • Decision Support
  • Documentation & Audits
  • Helpdesk & Surveys
  • Shifts and Work schedule Management
  • Vendor & Supplier Management
  • Process Health surveys
  • Onboarding Excellence
  • Crowd sourcing – Recruitment
  • Self service Kiosks
  • Mobile Application

2. Human Capital Intelligence Analytics

Human Capital Intelligence Analytics – HCIA, Module of I HR MY HR is one of the most unique & advance analytical engine. The ability of I HR MY HR to produce in excess of 2500 reports, makes it one of the strongest HRMS’s in the market. These reports represents the excellence synergy woven across the processes that empowers the organizational People decision making and its impact on the bottom-line evidential.

The HCIA analyses the process execution data across four levels of governance effectiveness and gives some of the most awesome & effortless user experiences while analyzing and taking the strategic decision on the basis of most complex data- People Data.

Enforcement Level

The enforcement level typically concentrates on user level data and actions taken by the end users and generate the analytical reports and interpretations on these data and actions. The Enforcement level reports generally give insights on Transactional Level dashboards and reports along with organizational trends and decision support.

Management Level

Management Level reports concentrates on building the reports and analysis that enables the data driven decision support framework across the levels. The Management Level analytics emphasizes the tactical insights of the organization such as deriving the trends of any HR process execution and associated employee behavior in adhering the process execution standards. The Management Level reports help the HR team to understand the employee coverage, policy penetration and execution base-lining in various transactional areas.

Control Level

The control level analysis / reports operates at a decision levels and indicates the appropriate decision guidance by emphasizing the impact of the decision from process, people and finance perspectives Control level analytics establishes decision making and control mechanism at the time of decision making. By impacting the data driven decision making process I HR MY HR has an overall impact on the decision and its subsequent results that work in favor of the organizational strategies across the levels.

Policy Level

Policy Level Analytics enables the organization to establish the governance and take the futuristic decision on the basis of the data and predictive indicators as analyzed by the I HR MY HR during the various process execution. The policy level analytics also concentrates on the Process effectiveness, employee experience and organization performance across the standard HR process execution ecosystem and enables the continuous improvement environment.

3. HR Empowerment through I HR MY HR - Span

In the era of digital disruption, Transformation and Creation Intensification the most important as well as inevitable responsibility that comes on the shoulders of the HR fraternity is to ensure the Organization alignment in terms of Efficiencies, Effectiveness, Relevance , Inclusiveness and most importantly building an Empowered Workplace.

In order to build an Empowered Workplace HR need to empower itself by equipping with the resources & Tools that facilitates Communication, Connect & Contribution in the organizational value system and creates and impact on the bottom line results.

I HR MY HR, acts as the technology backbone of the enterprise HR transformation journey. By enabling HR function to become the Business Partner by Managing, Strategizing, & Channelizing the organization people practices excellence.

Various facets of I HR MY HR , ensures HR function is never out of touch or disconnected from the business performance & its alignment with the people performance. I HR MY HR facilitates continuous alignment the people processes with the organizational objectives and provides an awesome platform for the HR to take informed decision while delivering the excellence.